History of the Library

Inside Manitou Regional LibraryResidents of the Town of Manitou had wanted a library in the community for many years, but it was following a well-supported petition that was presented to the Town council that serious plans began to be made to see the facility come about.

After many months of planning, and with local, municipal and provincial support, as well as grants from organizations like the Thomas Sill Foundation, Manitou Public Library opened in October 1990.

In 2008 the Councils of the R.M. of Pembina and the Town of Manitou passed a by-law under the Public Libraries Act to establish a Regional Library. We now provide free library memberships to all residents of both the RM of Pembina and the Town of Manitou. Our name has been changed to: Manitou Regional Library.

The library receives operating grants from the Town of Manitou, the Rural Municipality of Pembina and the Province of Manitoba.

The library originally shared a brand new building with the Town of Manitou office, but took over the entire building in 1998, when the Town office moved to other premises.

The library continues to develop a varied, quality collection of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, and non-print media, which currently totals around 10,000 items. It also provides free Internet access to the community.